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        Brand Strength

        【Interpretation signs】

        The logo design uses Wuhan’s“Han”initial letter“H”as a deformation element, and the overall shape is elliptical. With the combination of the“H”abstract graphic and the ellipse, the ellipse and the letter elements are integrated with each other,and they are inclusive、passionate、and bold. It represents the unceasing vitality of the enterprise, and the corporate people are naturally embracing the beautiful vision of harmony and symbiosis.

        The ellipse symbolizes fullness、affinity and integration .It integrates the elements of “H”deformation to create a Stereoscopic effect, symbolizing the company’s deep heritage、vast expectations and confidence and enthusiasm for the future. It is a perfect combination.

        The“H”deformed elements are like mutual trust and clasped hands. Ten fingers are linked to each other, symbolizing corporate team spirit, and also embodying the business development model of mutual cooperation and mutual benefit between customers and partners, fully demonstrating the attributes of a modern enterprise. And features.

        “H”evolves like a three-dimensional wave. It is similar to the Yangtze River and the HanJiang River where the river meets in Wuhan. The Surging River is surrounded by waves and the endless stream connects the motherland to the north and south. It not only embodies the regional characteristics of enterprises, but also symbolizes the meaning of "heart to heart" and "harmonious progress" between enterprises and customers, and symbolizes the broad prospects for development of enterprises.

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