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        Development History

        • Start-up period


        • Growth period


        • Brilliant period


        • Transition Period


        • Take off Period

          2015 to now

        • 2015-2017

        • 2018

        In 1958, The factory was established and the factory was named Hanyang Machinery Repair Factory (affiliated to Hanyang District Government )

        In 1964, the first generation WH640 bus produced by the factory was used as a representative bus to participate in the 15th anniversary celebration of the National Day.

        In 1965, Changed name to WuHan Bus Manufacturing Factory (subordinate to Wuhan Machinery Industry Bureau)

        In 1966, Started production of Military special Vehicle and became a designated manufacturer of military vehicles for the Ministry of Machinery industry (subordinate to the Ministry of Machinery industry)

        In 1974, Factory moved to Hangyang Avenue and changed its name to WuHan Bus Factory (affiliated to WuHan Automobile industry Company)

        In 1983, Chairman of the Central Committee WanLi and State Councilor Chen MuHua visited our factory to see the WH645 bus .

        In 1985, The WH645 bus has won the gold medal at the international exposition. The Wuhan Bus enjoyed a reputation as the leader in the bus throughout the country.

        In 2011, Convening the first staff congress of the tenth session, deliberating and passing the reform plan of Wuhan bus factory, and deliberating and passing the Employee resettlement program.

        In 2012, Wuhan Bus reformed to WuHan Bus Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. and started to construct a new manufacturing plant.

        In 2014, The new manufacturing plant was completed and started for production.

        New office building completed.

        After the completion of the new plant, the first batch of new energy vehicles rolled off the production line.

        Has established an advanced production line that is in line with international standards.

        General Assembly Department Vice Minister Guo Jianhua (major general) visited our factory.

        Chief Administrative Officer of the General Armament Department Wang Hongyao (general) visited the factory.

        Feng Jichun, Member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee,visited our company.

        Wang Xiangwang, party secretary of Jiangxia District,Wuhan City,visited the company.

        Mao Yingchun, a member of China’s Mechanical , metallurgy and Building Material Trade Union, visited Wuhan Bus for inspection and guidance.

        Mr. Wang Qinghua, party Secretary of jiangxia District of Wuhan,visited the company.

        State Council Deputy Prime Minister Ma Kai Researched Group.

        Zhang Li, District Governor of Jiangxia District,Wuhan visited Wuhan Bus.

        Zhao Lihang, Director of the Wuhan Military Representative Bureau,visited Wuhan Bus.

        General Zhang Huilin, President of the Research institute of Chemical Defense, visited Wuhan Bus for inspection and guidance.

        Li Bing, executive vice chairman of the CPPCC Hubei Provincial Committee, visited Wuke shares

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