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        Social Responsibility

        Take on the responsibility and revitalize the national bus industry

        In 1964, 10 WH640 buses produced by the company were selected as the National Day 15th Anniversary viewing car.

        In 1985, The company’s annual bus sales firstly exceeded 1000 units in the national bus industry and became the benchmarking enterprise for the development of China's bus industry at that time.

        In 1987, The company’s WH644 bus, as an advanced product of China's bus manufacturing at that time, many times participated in the international exposition, and earned honor for the bus industry for China.

        Giving back to society and actively responding to emergency rescue activities under non war conditions

        During the SARS period in 2003, a certain type of testing vehicle of the company was aided by the Beijing Xiaotangshan Field Hospital to participate in emergency rescue activities.

        In the wake of the devastating earthquake in Wenchuan in 2008, the company immediately set up a support team go with the troops to take part in the earthquake relief. A certain type of vehicle was well prasized by the victims and the majority of the officers and soldiers, and made great contributions to the earthquake relief.

        In 2010, the company’s three models participated in the security of The Asian Games in Guangzhou, and then guaranteed the reliable performance of the arduous task of superior arrangement.

        The company’s products are responsible for national defense construction while serving the national economic construction and development , and serving the public in the power supply, exploration ,tourism, and transportation industries. Contribute to society services. The enterprise always adheres to the idea of serving the army and serving the country and continuing the public welfare undertakings.

        Creative development Making new contributions

        In the last half century, the company has been the banner of the traditional industrial enterprises in Wuhan, and has been a major taxpayer in the region. It has made outstanding contributions to the development of local economy.

        The company responded to the group's call

        The company actively respond to the national energy policy, vigorously promote "green transportation", and develop new energy series electric buses widely serving the society.

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